1939 SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre Saloon


Written by the late Pete Francis

I first remember the car in the early 1970’s standing in the Society’s museum at Whisby Road. It was a typical old Jag; Rotten from the windows downwards and completely worn out mechanically. Three of our junior members, or youth club as we called them, had just purchased it for the princely sum of £25. The only point in its favour that I could see was its registration number, BUT 7. As an enthusiast of Riley and Porsche, it was unthinkable to consider a make of car popular with motor traders and bank robbers!


The Tool Kit supplied with the car

For some reason, these lads asked my advice on how to tackle the restoration, so I uttered the immortal words ‘First take the body off.’ This was the last time I was consulted for many years.  



    Leather rear seat

The dashboard
Restored and in good company